I cannot picture my life without bootcamp anymore. I have never WANTED to go work out on a regular basis before Missy! Most days I can’t get out of the house fast enough! This class is not just about fitness.. It’s about “me” time, and I love every minute of it! Thank you for unleashing my “inner beast!
— Jill Jolkowski

If you have any fitness goals for the new year, and need support and/or motivation to achieve them, MCV boot camp is for you. It is more than just a workout. It is the whole package including nutritional advice, individual attention and advice, comradery, fun challenges, lots of variety in workouts, and little prezzies and snacks from time to time as well!
— Lou-Ann Cornacchio

Miss is a fantastic motivator, making the workouts unique and challenging, while still providing laughs. I also appreciate the different options offered for those who have some injuries so the workout is safe at the same time.
— Natacha Johnson Hutchings

I love my workouts with Missy! I especially like that Missy makes the fantastic workouts different every time and this makes it fun and the time just seems to fly by. Thanks Missy for your dedication and encouragement
— Maureen Wilson

Such a great instructor! Always ensures she let’s you know if you are doing it right, and how to improve if needed! She pushes you to your max; but also encourages you to listen to your body! Highly recommended!
— Kayla Read

Such a great class! I had back surgery 5 years ago and Missy always gives modifications and makes corrections if I’m not doing something properly. She’s a great instructor and she has really helped me improve my strength over the last 8 weeks!
— Jen Weiss

Missy keeps bootcamp fun and exciting!! She is a knowledgeable and encouraging instructor. A great group of ladies to work out with to “boot”!
— Janet Hope